Everything Local Businesses Need to Succeed Online

Grow your reach. Grow your sales. Grow your business.

Local Matters helps local businesses reach their goals with essential online marketing tools.

Build a better and stronger online presence with reputation management, social marketing, responsive websites, review generation, and listings management tools that makes it easier for customers to find and trust your business in local search.

Online Presence

With our experienced Digital Agents taking care of your Listings, Reputation and Social business needs, you will be able to focus on your customers!


Strengthen your online visibility with responsive, mobile-optimized websites that customers and search engines love.

Digital Advertising

Let us get your mobile and social advertising needs met online to drive visits and calls to your store. All you have to do is sell to those customers!

We offer three digital service models that cater to the unique needs of your business


You know exactly what you want for your business and how to interact with customers online. We simply provide you the tools and training, and then you’re off to conquer the digital world on your own.

Do It With Me

We team up and share the workload on a level everyone is comfortable with. We’ll take on the responsibilities you don’t want to worry about, like listings management, review monitoring, and social posting.

Do It For Me

If you’re too busy to worry about online marketing, we can do most (if not all) of the heavy lifting for you. We get right under the hood and learn your business and customers so we can communicate your brand effectively.

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